Next October 12th at the Miami New Media Festival 2017

As part of the sample that will form part of the next edition of the Miami New Media Festival starting on October 06th, the Venezuelan researcher and curator Gerardo Zavarce shall present at the Mamey Librería Café a selection of 12 proposals that weave together the Venezuelan crisis with artistic expression by means of moving images.

The selection of works tragically and tumultuously reflects the reality of a country that for years has experienced a contingency that has become more severe with time and which has implanted in the collective sub-consciousness and manifested in many ways; including, of course, the artistic language, which has emerged with a sense of emergency and disillusion.

For the sample at the Mamey Librería- Café in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 12 works from 11 Venezuelan visual artist, and one Mexican visual artist, shall be displayed, which symbolically and with strictness traverse a part of the consequences of the political, economic, social and cultural threshold suffered by the South-American country.

The Artists

Beto Gutiérrez

Muu Blanco

Yolanda Duarte

Rolando Peña

Consuelo Méndez

Miguel Braceli

Marcos Temoche

Lucía Pizzani

Conrado Pitari

Teresa Mulet

Érika Ordosgoitti

Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda (Mexico)



Mamey Librería Café. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.


October 12th. , starting at 08:00 pm.