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Miami New Media Festival

The Miami New Media Festival is a multimedia platform held in Miami by Arts Connection Foundation, since 2006. It promotes art through the exploration of new technologies and interactive narratives, such as video art, animation, digital art, and interactive mapping. The festival also presents exhibitions in cities in Latin America and the Caribbean, Italy, France, and Spain. Since its creation, this festival has presented more than 210 artists from 15 countries, 400+ videos, installations, 3D digital art pieces, and performances.

This festival encourages public participation of artists’ 15-years-old and older, with no nationality or residency restrictions. The MNMF is open to all audiences, artists, art students, scholars, academic institutions, curators, collectors, institutions, and companies, as well as all members of the community.

DBA Miami New Media Festival
Registration Number: G1800000984
FEI/EIN Number: 51-06111902

IAM Venezuela

IAM Venezuela is an initiative of Arts Connection Foundation, dedicated to the documentation, assessment, and protection of Venezuelan cultural heritage. It is also part of IAMonuments regional initiative.

This project is focussed on protecting national assets, movable and immovable; keeping track of the situation of current Venezuelan cultural heritage; and educating citizens and training professionals through workshops on registration, conservation, and restoration of this assets.

Lines of action:

* Spread the word about Venezuelan cultural heritage and its current situation.

* Education and professional training through workshops on registration, conservation, and restoration of heritage.

* Documentation and protection of Venezuelan cultural heritage.

Women Photographer International Archive

This ongoing project is an interactive platform that offers valuable information for artists, curators, critics, and other cultural producers, through a dynamic database of photographers, and publications about women artists working on photography since 1853 to the present.