Our Platforms

Art, education, and community. That is what motivates us

Miami New Media Festival

The Miami New Media Festival is a multimedia platform held in Miami by Arts Connection Foundation, since 2006. It promotes art through the exploration of new technologies and interactive narratives, such as video art, animation, digital art, and interactive mapping. 

IAM Venezuela

IAM Venezuela is an initiative of Arts Connection Foundation, dedicated to the documentation, assessment, and protection of Venezuelan cultural heritage. 



MACSI.org, is a different museum focused on the essential contributions of Sofia Imber, a great Venezuelan woman, to the arrival of modernity to her country.

The Wynwood Times

Más que una revista, The Wynwood Times es una plataforma digital donde converge lo más selecto en temas de arte, cultura, opinión y demás asuntos conexos.

IAM Monuments

Institutional Assets and Monuments (IAM) promotes the creation of opportunities to improve life in communities with heritage at risk, based on the generation of spaces for innovation that positively influence the assessment of memory and cultural heritage.

The Chill Concept

The Chill Concept is a pop-up museum featuring a collection of projects, rather than objects. It is a creative space that is gaining more sympathy within a growing community.