Working on new projects gives you the opportunity to learn.

Video Art Pioneering Women: Homage to Margarita D’Amico

As part of the Miami New Media Festival 2019, ACF is researching about pioneering women in the video art field. Journalist Margarita D’Amico (1938-2017) was an essential guide for young Venezuelan artists who were working with new media resources to produce their artworks. D’Amico wrote articles, researched about visual communication and did collaborative work with some artists. Her legacy is undeniable.

New Media Art in Schools

ACF develops workshops, pop up exhibitions and other pedagogical experiences in some Miami Dade Schools to get the students in touch with new media art expressions. For ACF it is essential to connect students, teachers, and parents with cultural centers and art exhibition venues in their communities. a Different Museum, is a different museum focused on the essential contributions of Sofia Imber a Venezuelan woman, with significant contributions in journalism, as well as in the institutional development of culture in Latin America.

Preserving Cultural Heritage at Risk

Monuments, sculptures, and other creative expressions help communities to have a sense of belonging, a shared memory. With The Arc/k Project, we have 3D models of these assets at risk and developing research such as The Bronze Looting. We are also studying their history, cultural context, damages, and interventions. Documentation is essential to be effective cultural heritage advocates.