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MNMF 2022

Civility Vs. Violence

Open Call 2022-2023 Soon!

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Miami New Media Festival 2022-2023

Open Call

The Art of Living Lawfully

March 25, 2022

The Arts of Living Lawfully

MNMF 2022

Civility Vs. Violence

Miami New Media Festival 2022-2023

Open Call Soon!

The Art of Living Lawfully.

Talk with Andreina Fuentes Angarita


It is a multimedia public art project held in Wynwood, Miami, every October since 2006. It promotes video-art, interactive 3D, live webcast, mapping, live audiovisual performance, workshops, and lectures, among Miami and its public spaces. This festival enables a new possibility of public art reaching audience integrating videos into urban life.

Institutional Assets and Monuments of Venezuela (IAM Venezuela) is an Arts Connection Foundation initiative. It promotes the creation of opportunities to improve life in communities with heritage at risk, based on the generation of spaces for innovation that positively influence the assessment of memory and cultural heritage.


IAM Venezuela

Sponsored projects

From Arts Connection Foundation we support other organizations, foundations, institutions and initiatives that strive to make art a means to strengthen communities. Through alliances we support events, workshops, expositions, and activities.
  • FIA Caracas / Salón de Jóvenes con FIA: organized by Feria Iberoamericana de Arte FIA.
  • Festival de Performance Art.
  • EX Prize for Experimental and Electronic Art en España
  • Venezuelan Book Corner/ Feria del Libro de Miami
  • Feria Internacional del Libro del Caribe (Filcar)
  • Concrete Space
  • Women Photographers International Archive
  • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia (Maczul)
  • Finding Venezuela: a documentary by Alejandra Romero about Venezuelans migration in the last years.
  • Ruta El Calvario
  • Fundación Telema: Arts and life.
  • DORCAM: Doral Contemporary Art Museum
  • PhotoAlicanteav

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Created in 2006, Arts Connection Foundation (ACF) is a non/profit organization credited with a 501(C) tax-exempt status. Oure purpose is being a platform to promote diverse and unique events that explore fundamental topics facing contemporary society.
We offer an inclusive, collaborative space to provide the community with cultural knowledge, cultural awareness, and cultural sensitivity.

Diego Damas, Sombras postnucleares, 2014. Video Art on the Streets of Doral. 11/30/2019. Photo: Jorge Andrés Castillo.




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