From October 05 to 08, the Saatchi Gallery is the venue for the first charity activity in the United Kingdom of the renowned group of international artists

Nearly 10 million Britons are food insecure, meaning they have reduced food consumption or skipped meals, as a result of the devastating impact of the crisis in the UK. This was revealed by a recent study by The Food Foundation, who warned that this figure had increased by 60% since January and predicted an even more serious situation in the coming months, with the increase in inflation and the cost of energy.
In this context, aggravated by the economic and  the humanitarian crisis generated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Food of War Platform charity lands in London with the exhibition “The Forbidden Journey: Food and Conflict in challenging times”.
Taking place at the Saatchi Gallery, the event will bring together 19 contemporary artists who will show how food is affected by geopolitical turmoil, nuclear threats, overpopulation and even insect decline.
In addition, “The Forbidden Journey” is also a silent auction that will be accessible through the page The funds that will be raised from the sale of the works will go to the Vauxhall Food bank and to support ArtreHub projects; the latter dedicated to helping Ukrainian refugees heal from war trauma through art.
“The Forbidden Journey” is a retrospective of the work of Food of War.  Visual effects artist Hernán Barros, co-founder of Food of War said :  “We have set out to take visitors to threatened areas such as Chernobyl in Ukraine or the Amazon in Colombia, among other more familiar settings, to evoke questions about the availability, access and consumption of food in countries affected by conflict. 
The multimedia artist Omar Castañeda, also co-founder of Food of War, specified that “the intention is to go beyond creating awareness about what you put inside your body, but rather to encourage audiences to think about why they are consuming what they eat”.
With “The Forbidden Journey” the Food of War art collective formalizes its launch in London, thanks to the alliance with the American Foundation Arts Connections (AC) and the institutional support of the Saatchi Gallery. This was reported by the director of AC, the artist and collector Andreina Fuentes Angarita, who explained that Food of War has 11 years of experience as an art collective in Latin America and this time it is presented for the first time in London as a platform to generate collaborative artistic projects of a charitable nature.

Food of War is a London-based, non-profit collective of international artists that promotes artistic activities that open spaces for reflection on the impact of social conflicts on food. The board of trustees is made up of Dr. Edward González, PhD in Mathematics Ricardo Pachón, businesswoman Andreina Fuentes Angarita, writer Siofra Dromgoole, business consultant Carolina Ferro and art director Rosie Bonnar. For more information visit:

Arts Connection is a cultural non-profit organization based in Miami-Dade that promotes events that provide the community with knowledge, awareness and cultural sensitivity; with the vision of building citizenship through creativity, cultural practices and also art in urban life. For more information visit:

Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London, SW3 4RY

REGULAR OPENING HOURS: Monday – Sunday: 10AM – 6PM. Last Entry: 5:30PM (Last entry for some exhibitions may be later)

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