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The EX Prize winner brings her work to the Connect Now Room

On Friday, October 6th. at the Connect Now Room, the Bulgarian artist Iliyana Kancheva, winner of the Experimental Electronic Art Award (EX), shall present her work under the Miami New Media Festival 2017.

With this award, Kancheva was granted with a one-month residence in Miami, where she shall integrate to the artistic circuit of the city and where she shall involve in works jointly with colleagues at galleries and samples, which shall bring to America her works from Bulgaria.

Kancheva studied Scenery Design and Digital Art at the Sofia National Art Academy, where she graduated from to then participate in the fields of theatre, photography, video-art and installation.

By means of the manipulation of the lens of a camera and its different approaching levels, a close-up of a face is projected; with it, the artist strives to make a relationship between this observation limitation presented in the focus of a camera with the same limitation that people have to see with clarity and objectivity.

The works to be presented are:


Today’s Walk

By means of a tour through Sofia’s streets (Bulgaria), the artist shows how new technologies affect and change our daily perception and our surroundings, which are permanently affected by tools such as the internet, thus providing us with a different visual of our surroundings in relation to the past.

When and where
Connect Now Room (3212 NE 2nd Ave Miami Fl 33137)
Friday, October 6th, 2017.
For more information write us at:

Image Don’t Cost a Thing

Iliyana Kancheva installed photobooths at Madrid with the purpose to generate “bad pictures” of its users and thus defy the concept of what is real and what is the ideal. Thanks to this work, we was awarded with the EX Award. Here we may take look at the installation process of said photobooths.