The screening will open on November 26, at the puntWG gallery in Amsterdam, at 5:00 pm.

The atelierWG Foundation exhibition hall, known as puntWG and located in the former Wilhelmina Gasthuis hospital in Amsterdam West, will be the meeting point to enjoy the premiere of the 16 works of video art selected to participate in the 17th edition of the Miami New Media Festival, Amsterdam chapter, under the title HYBRID DIALOGUES.

The screening will take place this Saturday, November 26, from 05:00 to 8:00 pm, with the participation of the musical group “The Rain Dance Collective” formed by Francisco Garrido (guitar and composition), Aleksander Sever (vibraphone), Omer Govreen (double bass) and Nick Thessalonikefs (drums). The closing will be on Sunday, November 27, from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Both events are open to the general public and are free to attend.

The selected artists are Ahmad Mallah, Francisca Khamis Giacoman, Georgie Brinkman, Jessey De Nijs, Lin Chun Yao, Livia Malossi Bottignole & Piero Ramella, Mario Sergio Alvarez Gonzalez, Minsun Kim, Nolwenn Vuillier, Noé Cottencin, Nynke Deinema, Ryan Daniel Oduber, RyYuxuan&Huaiqian, Yana Khazanovich, Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum. Diana Blok and Raul Marroquin will also participate as guest artists. Christina Della Giustina and Giovanni Giaretta, active artists in the atelierWG community, made the selection.

Hugo Palmar, the coordinator of the Miami New Media Festival in the Netherlands, said the 16 selected works are outstanding and that the 40 proposals received in the festival’s call were high quality. The Netherlands’ festival is called “Hybrid Dialogues” and is carried out in the context of the XVII edition under the theme “Civility vs. Violence: Education, Art and Community as a Way to Embrace Nonviolence”.

Hugo Palmar is also an active artist in the atelierWG community (Wilhelmina Gasthuis) and part of the coordinating team of the artist-in-residence program (airWG). He explained that this event is possible thanks to the alliance between Arts Connection Foundation, founder and promoter of the Miami New Media Festival for 18 years, and the Amsterdam-based atelierWG Foundation.

The Miami New Media Festival is a public art platform that aims to promote artistic creation through technology and new media. It is a festival of contemporary art that promotes emerging talents with numerous artistic activities (indoor, outdoor and virtual), which include projections, live performances, workshops, exhibitions, and conferences. For more information visit: